An Introduction

This morning I find myself in rather a pickle with getting out of bed. I made the mistake of taking the laptop to my bedroom, instead of leaving it where I usually work or try to be productive. So I find myself in bed doing everything that needs to be done, or should be done. Weekends are fascinating in how even the most stressful things don’t feel as bad and you have a sense of time, where the tick tick ticks of the clock kindly envelops one in a silky veil.

It was a very typical and nice morning with seagulls and children screeching their lungs out. I would hope to be somewhere else than Helsinki, but I guess I wouldn’t mind if I did have a full-day job that would continue on and on. It just seems that everything there is on the market are short-term jobs. And the competition to land one of these short-term jobs is massive. I am always surprised when someone gets a job in a week, but I’ve already learned that my luck isn’t the best around and I should only hope to achieve things by its own merits. Everyone should, but it’s never bad to welcome a little bit of luck when it does come around. I always find myself extremely lucky when something unexpectedly good happens.

The reason I wish to start writing a sort of personal blog is to discover my own opinions and force me to decide on an opinion. There are things that I am very passionate about. Things I very much like to discuss, learn and argue about. Yet, why not learn to take it further than that? Try to do the same with matters not as controversial, like window stills and milk.

I don’t know yet what I will do with this blog of mine, but I warmly invite anyone who happens to read it to comment and engage in conversation.

Note: Using the onomatopoeia for a clock brings Lyme disease as a suggested tag.


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