I have lost my humor, I am a humorless man

English: Mark Twain. American humour. from Car...

English: Mark Twain. American humour. from Cartoon portraits and biographical sketches of men of the day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I were to define the world around me I would say it is unfunny. There is nothing comical or even remotely humorous anywhere, and I mean it when I say this. Someone will always take offense and there is no way to avoid this. People love to take offense or that’s what I suppose based on experience. Either I am a very bad comedian or I have a knack at getting different sorts of people to despise me, most likely both cases are true.

I have been more disillusioned by the world around me than usual for the past few weeks. I have feared day and night that I am becoming as humorless as the people I have run into. I try to take myself less and less seriously everyday to remedy this, but the less seriously I take myself the less seriously I take anything happening around me. And I stay up at night asking myself whether I am perceived as a foolish hyena by the world around me.

Allegedly the great Mark Twain said: “I am the king of buffoons; I am a dangerous person,” and what of it. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. That what is ridiculous must be harmless, at least after it’s the laughing-stock of everyone present. Now if the king of buffoons is a dangerous person and there is a grumpy old buffoon of a king who perceives the king of buffoons as a dangerous person, doesn’t he himself become dangerous too? Should we suppose we all are dangerous? I say, yes.

We all are susceptible idiots full of hokey cokey and hocus pocus. When an idea, or anything, is approached, one puts their right hand in and then they put their right hand out. In out, in out and then shake it all about. The idea is waltzed around with until it sinks in and who knows what kind of an idea it is now. No wonder sometimes the humor and comedy in things are lost, especially when everything is taken out of context.

Dear friends, there is nothing to fear. As long as we all remember that life is not a joke and a very serious matter, a melting pot of laughter, pain, sadness, freedom, and injustice –along with many, many other things. Life is no laughing matter, we are.

I hope one day we may all laugh together instead at one another, but until then let us all make fools out of ourselves and bigger fools out of others.


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