An Insufferable Zeitgeist


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As the pages of The Great Gatsby are ruffled through once again, I cannot help but realize that the world has not changed as much as everyone would have hoped. We have had a few more wars, a few more gadgets, and a whole lot more money. I am not saying that times don’t change, yet the feeling remains –the days are as long and as empty even today as the billboard of Dr. T.J.Eckleburg, his spectacled eyes, and the Valley of Ashes.


As people, people haven’t changed much at all really, if one thinks about it. Still everyone is as disappointed, filled with melancholy and grumpiness. And there is nothing wrong with this. For all there is to complain or improve, it’s the best things can be at the current point in time. The second that just passed will never be coming back and that was the peak of that second. There, another one just went.


Somehow I see people isolating themselves too much these days. I could talk about many important issues or entertaining issues with anyone I meet, but the other person is more likely to lash at me. I don’t know has it always been true, but people seem to hate each other for just existing.


It is rather spectacular that even with the latent, hidden, bloody passive-aggressive hostility that a man carries towards another fellow man, that some people are able to grieve for one another or be shocked by the death of someone who wasn’t even close. Though lately I have had my doubts about whether people even have altruistic and empathetic feelings anymore, or are all the reactions just ill-faced facades.


The more I read and follow up on the current events in politics or government matters, I can’t shake off the feeling that anyone interested in those matters –as in really interested– is just sadly lying to themselves. I have to say I feel like I am lying to myself at times. And these aren’t just the times when I tell myself to believe I am happy while someone reeking of booze and bile is leaning over on my shoulder, but more like, times when I believe that I am trying to do something for someone else, or even myself. Either when it’s related to political discussion or societal debate where the issue is to improve some group’s life, I find myself skeptical of others and even myself.


Should one be powerless as a person in a representative democracy? Is the lackluster cry for populism the answer to the hunger people feel? Or is it enough that one can merely complain at an open forum? I would like to take a look at democracy, especially in Finland.


Finland as a country has always been very outward democratic ever since the government had stabilized. Finland allowed women to vote and go for office at a very early age, so the democracy has been very open from the get go. Yet, everything is very structural and only the most popular representatives make the controversy. The Finnish people never seem to dare to cause controversy, other than complaining about some niminy-piminy little matters that don’t really affect anyone’s lives negatively to begin with.


Hate your neighbors, and fear your fellow citizens.


democracy's chorus

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I would almost like to propose the above as the motto for the Finland I’ve experienced. It is easy to carry the mantle of the best country in the world and it’s not like people already believe enough that there could be no better place on the whole earth. People close their eyes to social issues and then when money’s involved they get scared and the True Finns are there offering ideas of a referendum, that beautiful, milky textured, potato nosed populism. It’s all so beautiful I may want to cry.


I wrote an article on how Finland is the most American country in Europe where I compared gun crime statistics from past years and recent trends on open murders. The very wild west, cowboy-like America came to mind, the violent and romantic America from movies. Now after a week from that another murder happened somewhere else, but the earlier was forgotten. People are more interested in the new book by Sofi Oksanen, When the Doves Disappeared, in English I believe it’s called.


This brings me to the inspiration of this whole damn piece of writing, bad journalism. Nothing sickens me more than bad journalism. I can’t believe how many times I have run in to vague articles, tabloid writing, and idiotic speculation. I am scared that true writing is dead, that all the words and letters are dead. The newspaper stories where murders happen are more dead than the victims! That is not supposed to be.


There is an overwhelming amount of misinformation being spread by many different entities as well, issues are demonized and people want to stay away from them rather than do something about them. I have realized that the media in Finland leaves the people feeling void and estranged from the societal issues that affect their very lives. The misinformation is never questioned.


This is the insufferable zeitgeist that I see, but at times I find myself questioning everything I personally believe in. Am I just overreacting and should I concentrate on other things than feeling bad about the world outside my window? The society outside my window is still flushed-drunk, aloof, and ignorant as they always have been.


The sky is peachy and pink. I tried.



4 thoughts on “An Insufferable Zeitgeist

  1. I still need to digest The Great Gatsby. I am a little bit afraid of the book though! >.<

    And as far as people isolating themselves a lot more day's I totally agree.
    Before I started my blog no one close to me had any clue I loved poetry and composed poems in my head.

    It's so easy to isolate yourself in today's world with all the great technology and ways to communicate and socialize without actually having to get in the car and drive somewhere.

    I also hate bad journalism! Sometimes I think columnists and reporter blatantly do it on purpose and write "fillers" instead of making an actually attempt at truth or reporting.

    True writing is dead in the media and it always will be,

    But bloggers and authors and Poets and people who write such amazing articles here on WordPress will make sure that writing forever stays a creatively chaotic appealing endeavor that we can all enjoy.

    Thanks for checking out my Poem,I really appreciate it!

    • F. Scott Fitzgerald was great at writing about his time and how people he saw lived their lives. I really recommend reading him, even if it wouldn’t be the Great Gatsby. It’s all good fun.

      In truth I do like the internet as it really has opened to world for artists of any kind. Now you can show what you have to the world so easily. Before the only option would’ve been by knowing someone who knows someone who could offer you a chance for a meager but slightly larger public.

      Since I wrote this article I’ve seen the trend taking a turn to the worse. It’s sickening, but what can you do. Bad journalism sells.
      Though I have noticed some very clever and great journalists emerging recently, so I suppose there’s a glimmer of hope.

      And yes, it’s great to find blogs that write insightful content. I haven’t been too active on WordPress for a while and posting usually once a month, so I haven’t really delved into the world of blogs too well yet.

      Thank you for sharing your writing, it’s wonderful to read. Keep up the great work!

  2. I will indeed read The Great Gatsby and the rest of his books. They are intimidating to me because I know how much I will fall in love with it and then I will have to raise my own standards of writing and that might just be dangerously excruciating! HaHa

    I definitely agree with you it has taken a turn for the worse however like you said there is a glimmer of hope and that is all we need!

    If you find the time I would recommend and suggest trying to discover new blogs and new people simply because I think you would love it if you crave good journalism and outstanding articles and writing!

    I also hope you might consider being more active on here so you can compose more posts. I really enjoyed the few I have read so far and If you only post one a month I shall be extremely sad.

    It’s rare that I come across someones writing that I truly enjoy so much to the point of not wanting to stop reading,kinda like discovering and starting a new book.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply and to check out my writing and taking a peek at my blog!

    Means the world to me especially considering that you are such a distinguished and experienced writer with a lot of the same views and outlook’s on life as me! =]

    • Don’t worry, since as you keep reading more and more you’ll notice your own writing keeping up with the rising standards as well. It’s going to be very rewarding and not that excruciating. I’m never really happy with my writing, so I suppose the high standards always remain.

      I will search out more blogs now as I’m becoming more active, it’s always great to get into contact with other aspiring poets and writers. I should be thanking that you took the time to check out my blog and taking the time to construct long comments.

      I’m very glad that you’ve found interesting posts on my blog. You humble me as I’m nowhere near distinguished or experienced.

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