Future Visions (as based on the news I’ve read today)

Today I was reading the news while riding the bus and I read that HIV infections were on the rise in Russia. As I read the article I had a hunch that HIV was going to be the big thing today –there’s that something about that disease. Later when I checked my Twitter feed I saw that CNN was saying that a toddler had been cured of HIV. And in turn scientists in Russia are skeptical according to Voice of Russia.
Either way, HIV is becoming a point of interest in the western world and we can hold our breaths for a (possible) cure.

HIV Particle

HIV Particle (Photo credit: AJC1)

What would the future hold for a world with a cure for HIV? Would people flock on the streets to live the experiences that they couldn’t back in the heydays of fear? Yes, the future visions say yes.

As humanity beats disease six to nil, all sexually transmitted diseases will be killed off the face of the earth. There will be a huge rise in promiscuity and the rate of orgasm per capita will reach an all time high. Youth will experience a true sexual revolution and the romanticization of hippie culture and the 1960s will be a thing of the past at last.

People will act as if 1981 never would have happened. And Freddie Mercury could have died of TB for all anyone cares –God Bless His Soul. With this I wish to ask you a question, could you imagine a world in which HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease wouldn’t exist? With modern education drilling all the information of STDs into the brains of five year olds, could these lessons ever be forgotten if a cure came? Would half of the sex education become a¬†conglomeration¬†of tales of yore (way back when, circa 1970-1999, in a galaxy so different from ours.)

Sexually transmitted disease

The future keeps bringing visions of change. Gender roles will be abolished and so will sexual inequality. Women will gain an equal status to men and when before faced with negative sexism will now face adoration. Women have all become Venusian –goddesses each and every damn one of you. Congratulations.

But in the end, visions are just mere guesses and we are still here (or in the now). In Russia, cases of HIV has been reported to be on the rise by 12% by BBC, and I quote “200 cases a day”. But then again, somewhere, on the other side of the globe a toddler has seemingly been rid of HIV that he/she got from the mother.

The future is yet to reveal itself.