God has no Common Decency

If a god would be true and he would reign over his kingdom in heaven.
I say, let him rule over the afterlife and the dead. For no matter how fervently someone believes in divine rule, god should stay out from the governments and our laws. For if he god forbid exists then he has no say or clue of matters pertaining to ethics, or human civility for that matter.

So let him damn me for all I care, as I would rather keep my self-respect than sell-out to fear. I will do my best to cherish this life I have and love the people around me. If I deserve to go to hell in the opinion of god or his flock after my death, then so be it. Let my soul take that punishment.

As long as there is no evidence for a creator, there should be no glory to be shared with ignorance. No amen for theocracies, no hallelujah for those who indoctrinate. I will never agree with them who damn differing opinions, curiosity, and creativity.

Tolerance of intolerance is not a virtue. Heck.


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