Spooky Poetry: Demon-woman

A spooky and disturbing poem about a man who faces a ghoulish fate!
I hope it makes you all feel as sick and disgusted as it made me.

Hark woman,
Do not promenade through the night,
for I begin to grow weary of your vanity,
And it would be most splendid if you’d choose
to stay out of sight.

Your dress looks so floozy,
The wind could strip you naked
with just a quick, swift gust of wind.
o, it makes my body feel sick
and my sanity evermore fleeting.

You are guilty like a demon,
You fill me with doubt,
n’ scare me out of my wits.
I can feel it in my guts; I see
Your flimsy legs take the form of hooves.

Hark woman,
I think you are the death of me,
Your eyes they are so deep,
they remind me of the abyss.
God save my remorseful heart.

O woman,
I can see your claws
as they rip through me,
I can see your devil teeth,
While you devour with glee.

I could not be saved,
I should have run
the very night I saw your gaze
your eyes of blood,
all unfazed by God’s torture.


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