Flash Fiction: I was an Old Man

I was an Old Man
by Miki Korhonen

This is the first time I try to turn a dream into a short story. I tried to catch the theme and the feeling of the dream into a story of under 1000 words. It’s a story about an old man and it begins with a dinner party and it ends with a popping sound.

P.S. If anyone reading this story know how to interpret dreams, I’d love to hear what you’d reckon this all means.

I had seen myself in the mirror for the first time in ages, my hair was turning gray and I was growing old. I never thought that time would slip me so fast. All those years gone by felt like a matter of minutes.

At least I was home and I was surrounded by the few friends I had managed to keep through the years. On the couch sat John and Lori, I sat with my wife on the arm chairs. We were separated by a glass table with a few glasses of cognac. I had finished mine. We were playing charades and having a good ol’ time. 

The apartment was moderately large and lavishly decorated. Golden beige drapes, tall windows and a small balcony. I had lived here with my wife for years. There was a dust storm outside and nothing could be seen through the windows, but inside we were comfortable.

I knew John from long back. Long ago we had discovered something we shouldn’t have. I’d rather not get into it, but it was a hell on Earth, known as **** ********. The most vile human experiments happened there. A facility run by demons in human form. We told the story and managed to shut the place down. I was still young then.

John and I never spoke of those days. I know I am right when I speak for him saying that we were spared by grace. Jesus, fate had mercy on us poor sods!

No matter, it was just one of the many havens of evil in the world, but nothing turned out any better. A few interviews and people lost interest, they forgot the whole place existed.  I know I did right with John, but sometimes I feel that it didn’t matter squat. The world managed to ruin itself anyway. At least I was old and wouldn’t need to worry about anything for too long.

Anthony came from the kitchen with some appetizers –ten oily bruschettas with raw Italian pork. Lori ate them all leaving one for John, my wife and I to share. I didn’t like Lori, but she was good friends with my wife and John didn’t mind her. Lori never had any fashion sense and she had her odd mannerisms that always drove me up a wall. Today she was hungry.

We all had a good ol’ time. Truly. Time flew as we joked and talked about boring old people things, things that were exciting for us now. And soon it was time to go to bed. John and Lori decided to have one more drink on the couch. They knew where the guest rooms were.

My wife fell asleep straight away with a smile on her face. I decided to read a book. For a good while I flipped pages until I saw a picture of a monster in between the pages. I woke my wife up by nudging her and she had the face of the same monster from the book.

She attacked me trying to bite me with her small clear fangs. I tried to talk sense into her, but it was no use. I wasn’t as strong as I used to be and I felt my arms weakening. Her gaping mouth coming closer inch by inch. I decided to dodge her and I locked her in the bedroom.

I stumbled into the living room to tell John, but I was greeted by Lori’s monstrously gleaming eyes. Both John and Lori started to dash at me by awkwardly climbing over the glass table. Lori fell through, but John managed to get on one of the armchairs. I turned to warn Anthony.

Anthony was washing the dishes in the kitchen. He was normal and he saw I was shocked. With a worried face he came at me and I knew John and Lori were closing in. I told Anthony to shut the kitchen door and that the apartment was filled with monsters. He didn’t heed my warning and kept coming at me. I told him to get back in the kitchen before it’s too late as I ran back into the living room.

I saw John and Lori extend their elongated arms towards me. I jumped into the fire place and shut the small iron doors. I was safe for now, but Anthony had come into the living room and unaware of danger he was tackled down. John and Lori ate him up like the spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp.

I gasped for breath and looked on in fear. I started crying for I thought that I had left the horrors of hell behind me. It was just like back in **** ********. I had hoped that I’d die of natural causes, for God’s sake, I was too old for this.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I wasn’t in the fire place anymore. I was in a dark shower room. I recognized this ungodly place, the stench of anguish was horridly familiar. I was back in **** ********.

Questions filled my mind, had I ever escaped? Nothing had changed. I couldn’t breathe for I was too afraid. I wished I had never been born. The shadows started to move and I knew they were reaching out at me. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t scream.

I had died of an aneurysm inside the fire place. My brain had gone

The End


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