Svalbard Dreams

Today I suddenly got this feeling that I’d have to move to the island of Svalbard to experience one of the most northern arctic cities that exists. From the pictures that I’ve seen of Longyearbyen, the town looks ravishing despite the barren and untouched surroundings.


Pyramiden, Svalbard

Pyramiden, Svalbard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mostly my interest lies in visiting Pyramiden, which is an abandoned mining settlement containing the northernmost statue of Lenin. From the pictures the settlement could be thought to be haunted. A very inspiring atmosphere shrouds the entirety of the island.


English: Rows of multicoloured homes in the to...

English: Rows of multicoloured homes in the town of Longyearbyen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Many would-be tourists like myself are usually interested in seeing the polar bears, as apparently the islands are full of them. So full that the university borrow’s rifles to the students that go on expeditions into the wilderness.


Another interesting fact about the island is that there is no sun at all during the winter. Living in Finland I’m always missing the sun during the winter, but there are only a few completely pitch dark days compared to Svalbard’s nearly eternal sounding darkness.

Of course there’s another side to it, there’s a short period of all day long sun. It makes me wonder how beautiful are the islands during the summer months when you’d probably see the permafrost glimmering in the sun.


Svalbard, tundra landscape

Svalbard, tundra landscape (Photo credit: Billy Lindblom)


I wonder if I’d have a chance at landing a job there. To be honest I have no idea of the job market in Longyearbyen or the nearby settlements. Could I hope to work, if I was hoping to have a longer visit? Perhaps I’ll find the answer to that question later. Until then I’ll be dreaming of Svalbard.



10 thoughts on “Svalbard Dreams

    • I’ll do my best to remember to share my experiences when I manage to go to Svalbard. Of course I will take pictures or something. Thankyou for your comment!

  1. Seems that one could have bucketloads of fun there – frisky women(or polar bears, quite frankly, there’s no difference in them), loud clubs and anti-sunburn lotions. Would definitely accompany you on the trip.

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