Flash Fiction: The Monkey that Loved Capitalism

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, obviously. This is my attempt at writing a flash fiction in a NaNoWriMo-type of group. This is a story about a monkey and his briefcases. The rest is my fingers writing what my buttocks want to tell you, which means I haven’t arsed to edit this too much. Read at your own peril(?).

The traffic lights turned green freeing the green car to accelerate and zoom across the city. Hal Grimmich was the CEO of Big Operations, he was sitting at the back seat glaring at the chauffeur with great distaste. Hal Grimmich never liked being late from meetings, he was the head of the largest company in the world which made him the most important man in the world.

Though there was a very important detail that Mr. Grimmich hadn’t paid attention to. When he became the CEO of Big Operations, he started working to create an ultimate monopoly. The playing field was perfect, everyone was free to do anything they wished in the name of competition, a hard line laissez-faire attitude had been adopted by all. Soon Big Operations started running competing businesses out of business, or optionally buying them out.

English: Historic picture of operations in the...

Historic picture of operations in the Big Quarry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the racing green car Mr. Grimmich was looking at the dozen briefcases that he had with him. He had covered himself with them. These briefcases contained the most important papers to him, all his property always stayed with him and he never left his belongings behind.

In one of the briefcases there was all the papers of the original Big Operations, which used to be a charity organization with a mission to help autistic children. When the earlier owner of Big Operations had the chance to merge the charity with a local business he had decided to change the whole organization into a full-fledged business with an aim to aid children in general.

Soon after the earlier owner of Big Operations had a car accident while going home from work, he avoided a stray cat and went off-road. No one heard of him since, and all the legends say he still drives around the countryside –trying to desperately find his way home.

There were a few shady business types that tried to make a quick buck out of the charity money, while the others tried to make money out of the children by making them work on making cheap counterfeit art in sweatshops around Europe. Somehow Big Operations survived all this and then came Hal Grimmich.

Big Operations started heading straight to the top where the people were rich and fat, but clean and powerful. Hal Grimmich was no small time player, but he had been a somewhat invisible venture capitalist with a big purse until he took control of Big Operations. And once he had set his footing with his new company he cut the business world with a knife. Once the cake was split he played the consumers against the weakened companies before eating the whole cake, consumers and all.

The briefcases were in truth trophies for Hal Grimmich, to remind him that it was he who had monopolized the world under Big Operations. Hal Grimmich had changed the world into a wild-eyed utopia where he owned the poor, he owned the unemployed, he owned the middle class, and he own the rich. Government was shut down as Big Operations bought all the politicians and bureaucrats out of the picture as well, now the old government halls were used to promote synergy in a democratic manner. Everybody who did well in Big Operations received smiley stickers.

What Hal Grimmich didn’t know was that he was owned by Big Operations as much as anyone else. No one was free of Big Operations. As the mega corporation held the world together, if anything was to bring Big Operations down it was armageddon or Big Operations itself. Not even Hal Grimmich combined with the rest of the executive board had enough power to destroy Big Operations, even though they did hold all the power in the world.

The earth’s air had turned so heavy that minutes felt like hours. Breathing was a pain, not because of pollution but stress. There was no love for love was always bought by the highest bidder and sold by the most broken of souls. Hal Grimmich had never had anything close to love for free or for a price, but he did have a very puerile relationship with money –some kind of love, perhaps.

And money was owned by Big Operations, transaction as a concept was owned by them as well. Even all the metaphysical had died out, and god had gone bankrupt in the face of Big Operations. If the situation wouldn’t have been so under control by something non-human, maybe Hal Grimmich could have felt like a god.

But Hal Grimmich was late, sitting in the back seat of the green speeding car and he would never get his time back. There was no way to trade the world back to the people anymore either. The world was pure though, at last. At last.


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