Poem: The Broken Heater

God up in heaven was freezing his holy ass off.
Frozen for way too long,
he decided to fix the heater.

He used his omniscient mind,
and he knew the problem.
Then, he worked his omnipotence
and the heater was fixed.

God was no longer frozen and he felt good for a change.
Yet there was something that he hadn’t paid attention to.

God had changed reality by tampering with the heater,
he had extended the magnitude of warmth,
for the heater’s warmth was infinite.
And God had done the same to the infinite cold,
for as he suffered, freezing
–the coldness had been eternal.

Then again,
he had been the furnace all along,
and the broken heater was his heart.

There was no love left.
The tepid benevolence
was of no use to the people
it was supposed to touch.

–We’re fucked!

Nothing to see here,
only a broken heater.
–It should be fixed!


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