Poem: Why Write Poetry?

Symbols - Daytime, Man and Boy with Dog - Howa...

(Photo credit: MIT-Libraries)

Why write poetry?
When you can choose to sleep
or sing.
Listen to music and play games.

Why read poetry for that matter?
You can run craaaaaaaaaaaaazy mileage,
and be present
in every moment.

Beeply Weeply
Booply Doop!

No, that’s not a telephone booth,
but it is a message.
It’s on the book of faces,
just for you.
So, why care?
With so much to do.

There are loads of things around the world,
all kinds of:
writers, movies stars,
business moguls n’ innovators,

Some people are different,
and their interests are much greener;
gardens, shrubberies,
parties with guests
and an assortment of pastries.
A folk way of living,
coming from an earthy upbringing.

why write poetry?
I’m divided it seems,
But I chose “these”,
my sissy dreams.


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