It’s been a year!

Over a year ago I woke up one morning and decided to start writing a blog and it feels like I’ve come a long way. I have been moderately active during the whole year and it’s been one exciting year.

I’ve learned a whole lot and had the chance to connect with some real cool folks over the internet. And I am thankful for all the people who bother visiting my site (even if it’s only once). A big thank you!

An even bigger thank you to those who actually bothered to comment on posts and share stuff off my blog, it means the whole world to me!

As my blog speeds off towards another year of “stuff”, I post three poems all written horribly for all of you to enjoy. I had a laugh with them, I hope you guys will as well. If you don’t you then your sense of humor and cultural intelligence could be lacking, but I could be wrong.

In the coming months, I will be very busy with all kinds of projects related to poetry and writing. Be prepared!


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