Poem: Leaving

I don’t want to leave,
No more constant go, do.
No more constant go, do.

I look around, but there’s nothing,
nothing to find,
or to grasp a hold of
no branch on a cliff
that would emerge to grab me by
my belt or underwear
to give me an atomic wedgie. I fall.

I am leaving,
but what am I leaving behind.
I am not leaving, I can never leave.
I am stuck like a beef tenderloin in a freezer,
eat me, cut me with your knife,
hold me down here.
I don’t want to leave.

Each day repeats, repeats, retreats, repeats.
I am leaving this reprehensible mess to you,
and your political hookers with jock straps.
Keep them.
I am leaving.

I hate you, your society, and its personality.
Nothing ever changes, time is stuck in between
the cogs that clog our social circulation.
We are lost in triviality.
I don’t want to leave.

Put your blame on me,
there’s an option with a provocative magnitude,
silence the press.
silence the world.
silence the ones who speak,
and those who never will.
I am leaving.

I don’t want to leave anymore.
oremyna evael ot tnaw t’nd I,
On and on and on and on


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