Poem: there’s something ’bout Autumn

Autumn is summer’s hideaway
as summer elopes to the other hemisphere,
the sun turns a cold cold shoulder

I put on my thick winter coat
and imagine becoming a musher
with nine strong sled dogs,
while putting on a masculine face
in the likeness of

Charlton Heston, Jack London

But I won’t,
I’ll stay at home long hours
keeping warm
as autumn slips by like the ghosts
of Hallows’ Eve
I hide

And in Autumn,
just like the birds
some choose to escape
to South East Asia, modern day Cambodia
to smoke pot
enjoying the hot sun
living a more carefree lifestyle

I won’t,
I will wait for spring
at bus stops
in the dark northern night
drunk on laughter
singing Joy to the World
the King has come

Some find Autumn romantic
as they walk hand in hand
while the world withers around them
they run towards winter with sunshine hearts

I won’t,
I will watch the sky turn gray atop a hill,
I will move along the boardwalks
through autumn into winter
taking careful steps on icy alleys
and without holding back
beat the living shit
outta these frozen streets
welding them into spring’s youthful bloom
–but as it remains,
it’s still October…..


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