Poem: some party

stuck in a bone stick-meat deposit
slithering around the free will frolicks

taking a stiff drink laced with narcotics
that some boudoir jester slipped in unnoticed

a french man in the bathroom smells like a poof
having it jungle fever slippy with some mug
that flops around like a table top mannequin
around this rough lot

arm wrestling with a cougar
floating nachos in the pool
all the girls undressed
under a pinko swoon
(when drunk they have a porno sexuality)

it’s an insult to show a face around here
where the music’s fucking loud and the dance is tense
it’s a commodity deadlock
dichotomy art

i’m out of this joint, buddy
see you in a year
if i ain’t dead by then
this boy will run in fear
and expire before the date of consumption,
at a theatre show called, BLERGHhh!!


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