Poem: Väliinputoaja (or most depressingly sandwiched between two forklifts)

Author’s note: There’s so much for everyone to enjoy with this post! This is a blog entry with two poems and the whole idea seems multicultural.
Here we got two poems by me, a poem in Finnish called Väliinputoaja and another one called (or most depressingly sandwiched between two forklifts).
They have nothing in common, but deal with the same subject. The paradox is hot. Master class hot.



Tämä tarina omaelämänkerrallinen
on pojasta, joka kadotuksestaan kurotti,
mutta tyhjin käsin yksinäisyydessään
hän luovutti vain paljaita salaisuuksia.

Pojalta rahat menivät suoraan kädestä suuhun,
nopeammin kuin apina kiipeää puuhun
ja näin hän kasvatti vatsansa ammottavaksi aukoksi,
jonka hän siunasi pyhällä rakkauden verellä.

Tänään poika tasapainoilee kuolevien unelmien seppeleillä,
Hän horjuu ja itkee
Epäröi ja elämänsä jättää sikseen

Tämä poika on rakas ystäväni
Hän minun nälkäni sammuttaa
tuomitsemalla minut kukoistavaan olemattomuuteen.


or most depressingly sandwiched between two forklifts

there was a boy and there was his story
everything autobiographical he would tell
would be just another word in his web of tales
about dispensable luxuries and/or utter perdition
that he would weave with care
just so he could bring them to light
with such regal infatuation as if he was illuminating oblivion

he usually ate all his money faster than a bloodsucker could smell blood
he stuffed the green cash deep down his gullet ramming it with his fist
and soon he had worn out his heavenly body into such a condition
that he had to partake in an act of sanctification
where the virgin saints would bless him with their vitriol

in heart the boy is a trapeze artist
balancing on the wreaths of two olympic gold medalist forklifts
he is being killed slowly, but the adrenaline is keeping him intoxicated
he falters and he cries like a little shit
he doubts for a moment too long
and his life decides to disengage itself from his very being

this boy remains a dear friend of mine,
he satiates my needs with simple judgment:
by anathematizing me into an expressible state of nonexistence.


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