No one cries on bended knee

She hides a shank
She hides a shank
Heed my word, she hides a shank

My good, good wife carries a murderous knife
hidden between the layers of her short dress
She’s showing off her thighs and pretty legs
as she navigates the dance floor of a nightclub called Paradise
She moves swiftly with grace, eyes deep and set
on this girl I took the pleasure of committing acts of debauchery with just last week

O my wife’s fiery gaze was filled with despise
Filled with bloody murder, filled with bloody murder
And her furious stride only spoke of the poor slut’s demise

No tears–
No more tears, my wife said to herself
She said, I’m gonna cut down that wrecker
Gonna chib the very smile off her pretty face
She spoke to the mirror with her sad maddened mind

Let me tell you the story of last week and my precious harlot,
and how I went running around town,
Yeah, saw her standing by a bar
And my friends told me she only frowned
That she was abandoned by her mother
And never loved by her father
So now she only moves her pretty lips around
They say she was left by the creek
as a babe in a basket
They say she was almost dead
when some whore at a whorehouse
took on work as a saint
by taking the poor child into her loveless arms

But now she’s gonna die
Nobody leaves this world alive
Not even saints leave this world alive
So LORD have mercy on a sinner,
Have mercy on us all

My wife drew the hidden blade
and sunk it deep into her victims eye
The frowning victim’s eye
My good, good wife repeatedly stabbed her dying body
each puncture full of answered prayer
and guiltless serenity

No one cries on bended knee
No one cries on bended knee

I stood frozen
Horrified at the scene,
the carnage that covered these women
the crime of passion, and of love
My good wife declared all this was for me
Like a golden gift for nobody–

She hides a shank
She hides a shank

And none shall weep on this brand new morning
Even if the night ran red filled with torture
No suffering, there shall be no more suffering now
For the innocent lay bare and dead

No one cries on bended knee
No one cries on bended knee


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