Rumbo to Eternity

I told you in my dream: that today
We set the rumbo to eternity
–which way to go?
Oh, I don’t know–

Where does eternity lie?
Set the rhythm and we’ll get to it,
encompassed by entropy
moving free like air made solid,
we’re a breeze in motion

forward, back
get up, no –go down!

Keep still and don’t melt
for our humanity ain’t a syphilitic typhoon,
though we may prop our chins ugly faced
we don’t have to be –ridiculous

Let’s stay gentle,
like a candle that is about to start a fire,
we are ablaze in eternity
and frozen in comfort

Where is Eternity?
For it sure ain’t in me
–is it in you?

Does it flow through your muscles?
Does it crackle in your brain?
O’,it does!
and I can see it clearly:

I sense it in your speech,
In your pupils, nostrils
and even your tonsils
–though they may be removed,
they still move through you,
continuous in existence
in this world visioned through trash can goggles
that are covered in rotten smut

I speak to your image in the mirror
–I speak to who? Me!?
And I realize that our words are trapped
between dimensions of looking-glass
Perhaps they found what we failed to grasp–
–Perhaps they did find what’s still left of Eternity


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