Love Poem #1

Your vines grew like mavericks
how slow they embraced
As I removed the green needles
while slumber I faced.

When you knocked on my shoulder
in heart we grew older,
but ill health made me fragile
too disturbed and senile.
The last things you said
–disappeared without a trace.

Youth is mere borrowed time,
there is no storm to stay
I’ll weep up in heaven
when you fade to gray.

And the hours that were golden, flew off
with chariots –now stolen
While the lost nurtured Meadows
who lay deep in the ocean
With their gentle eyes wide open, they
proceeded on with the wake.

I was a coward in hiding,
trodden and homeless, I
should have bought you bright flowers
–instead you–
–brought me white posies
and laid them by my side.

“There, but for the grace of God, go I.”


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