Six Bourbons ’til Midnight

I’ll eat out your sorrows,
buckle them to their teeth,
I’ll seep out all poison,
–and suck it into my bone.

I’ll dance naked in the garden
with glue in my brain
howling into the distance,
that this world is insane.

Six bourbons ’til midnight,
I’m saving them for the road,
I’ll be home in the morning,
when I’m right ready to croak.

Love drowns in muddy water
smiling like a fool
And when I die bloody rotten,
You will be safe
–asleep in your coccoon.


4 thoughts on “Six Bourbons ’til Midnight

    • It was on one of the last days before Christmas holidays and I was working the midnight shift at the post office, I had just enough spare change to buy myself a Pepsi can. As I finish the cola before I have to get back to work, I punch this out quick before I forget it.
      Jockey full o’ bourbon, I’m going home!

      Thank you for taking time to check it out!

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