When the horrors of alcohol psychosis make for a bearable life
I grind my teeth at night and converse with pink elephant mansions
with beautiful bell towers, immaculate architecture
While outside faces blank people crave for altruistic egocentrism
I roam hallucinatory dream worlds in my sleep
And wake up an undesirable

Struggling to bring calm to the self
I sway with the winds of the 21st Century
The destruction I see around me I commit on myself
and take part in the decay of a culture,
I become a violent descent to abandon
with my fists flailing wild, ecstatic

I question the sincerity of the very air
that murders us by night
and the stories we feed each other
about being pretty individuals,
for when the day is done we have ripped
all good souls to shreds

But who am I to wag a finger
I am an undesirable.


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