Cremation Phoenix

A dream of death cannot be seen before you die!

Listen to the truth in these roots of gospel sound,
The clogged minds rust under simian cries
Venereal disease flogging this Jesus carcass
Oh Christ is weeping through our olden times
The virtue of horror, terror, terror, horror

Sleepless and burned lay barren each idealistic lie.

Cremation phoenix, cremation phoenix
The smoke and ash all satisfy
with the evil so rampant we’re petrified,
I lock my doors with long lush hair
Oh Christ, Oh Christ
contracted disease that just ain’t there
flogging the Jesus carcass carcass carcass

I say, the Cremation phoenix is coming down
She’s here to take Christ out of our Jesus carcass,
hollering bail me out, bail me out of this hell Leviathan!


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