August hides in a tinderbox somewhere,
because the girls of spring can’t be found,
so kindle your cinders
and kiss me goodnight, Lucinda!

July is a haven of unmistakable splendor,
I know all the pope’s ministers would agree,
so with your smile big and bright,
o kiss me goodnight, Lucinda!

June sways so gently in the arms of summer,
it’s golden like a fable when drunk on black label
and we danced to music, so soothing n’ amusing
now kiss me goodnight, Lucinda!

A year’s gone by maybe more this May,
the lips of the sun couldn’t compare to your stay,
there’s only one time when the flowers bloom right,
and now they’re somewhere with Lucinda!

All summers beget Lucinda!
All the world covets for Lucinda!
All my dreams are made of Lucinda!


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