Re-imagined start

Hello again,
it’s been a while.. I’ve decided to give a new restart to this blog with a slight change. There will be less poetry and other creative writing as these days I’ve decided to collect that kind of stuff together for something more than a blog, perhaps a live show with burlesque dancers and lion tamers. Instead I’d like to use this as a platform where I can post things that come to mind and to keep up with more writing, because I haven’t really concentrated on it too much.

I hope those of you who still remember me and followed my blog for the poetry aren’t too upset by this.
If people still are interested in my poetry, please feel free to e-mail me and maybe we can sort something out.

On this blog I will mostly focus on games, game development, music, opinions and other things like that from now on. I’ll still keep my old poetry on it, just as a “back catalog” and as a reminder of things I used to do with this blog.

I’ll be posting some more about stuff I’ve been up to soon.

Thank you and ta-ta,


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