Finnish Game Jam 2015

I think there is no other way more appropriate to restart this blog with than with a little story about the Finnish Game Jam 2015. This January I took part in the FGJ15 which is part of the Global Game Jam event. Without any prior knowledge of video games other than how to play them I decided to take part and see what happens. I ended up having a great time meeting new people and trying out new tools, all the while making music and backgrounds for the game we made. It was awesome to get to work on something so diligently for the allotted time of 48 hours.

We ended up making a game that I can’t help but be proud about despite its quirks and the fact that it wasn’t quite what we imagined it to be. We did have the largest group at our location, a steadfast group of 8 people who worked for that single goal of finishing the game we set out to finish. In the end we had recorded 150+ sounds for the game and most of them went unused, god knows how much code would’ve been required to be written to fit all that into the game. We were lacking graphic designers and the one we had put to work like a slave did his best, but had to overhaul the style midway to make the deadline. We were biting our finger nails and itching all over at times due to stress and frustration with the work we were doing, but somewhere down that well I realized that maybe that was one of the most endearing things about game jams, you do your best as a group and you pour all that sweat and blood into a game as a group.

The Quest to Get Our Okay Game Back from the Dreadful Communist Square 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Quest to Get Our Okay Game Back from the Dreadful Communist Square 2: Electric Boogaloo

The hidden backstory of the game was a rather silly one.

Long ago in the year 1906 or so, a crossword puzzle or a labyrinth was published in the newspapers. Then as a highly expected sequel we released “The Quest to Get Our Okay Game Back from the Dreadful Communist Square 2: Electric Boogaloo” at the Finnish Global Game Jam. The end.

Of course the silliness knew no end and a trailer was made:

I hope the others won’t be mad at me for writing about the game a bit. I can’t help but feeling a bit sad that those days went by so fast. It was awesome working with you people, if you happen to stumble upon this page.

Next year if possible, I’d do it all over again!


Re-imagined start

Hello again,
it’s been a while.. I’ve decided to give a new restart to this blog with a slight change. There will be less poetry and other creative writing as these days I’ve decided to collect that kind of stuff together for something more than a blog, perhaps a live show with burlesque dancers and lion tamers. Instead I’d like to use this as a platform where I can post things that come to mind and to keep up with more writing, because I haven’t really concentrated on it too much.

I hope those of you who still remember me and followed my blog for the poetry aren’t too upset by this.
If people still are interested in my poetry, please feel free to e-mail me and maybe we can sort something out.

On this blog I will mostly focus on games, game development, music, opinions and other things like that from now on. I’ll still keep my old poetry on it, just as a “back catalog” and as a reminder of things I used to do with this blog.

I’ll be posting some more about stuff I’ve been up to soon.

Thank you and ta-ta,

Person on indefinite hiatus

Lately I haven’t been too active with this poetry blog, because of multiple reasons. I’ve been concentrating on other things, because I have no will to write at all. I know the words are there, but I don’t feel like it’s in any way appropriate to express personal feelings to others. I feel like a complete tramp and a whore because I’ve been writing poetry.

I don’t know what happened, but I suspect that the reason lies within the heart of humanity. I am truly disgusted and I cannot hide behind any kind of satire anymore. 

I recall a conversation with a person known as an active local poet. He told me that when I recite my poetry I have an act of an angry young man. He was speaking to me in Finnish, so I didn’t quite understand at first everything he was saying, so I had to ask a friend to translate some words that I didn’t understand and it turned out he was calling me a fake.

I don’t think he quite understands where my writing stems from, as I like to write about things that frighten me or about things that make me feel sick to my stomach. How else could I be more true to myself and the message I want to say to the world? I am no jackass.

This was just one case in a thousand and all these encounters with mankind has led me to believe that if sin exists, it’s to capitalize on art for the benefit of yourself or others. It may be a grim thought, but I think I may understand why despots killed off most artist types. It wasn’t because art holds a dangerous power of self-expression and free will. It was because most artists walk around enjoying the smell of their own farts.

Not that I hold such vehemence towards people who wish to pursue art as totalitarian asshats. I wholeheartedly hope that art thrives bringing insight, pleasure and new horizons to everyone. I just wish to do so without being associated with my work. I hope that if the work is agreeable then it would stand on its own or be forever shun.

Also I would like to point out that I do not hate people, I just don’t want to interact with them more than necessary.
I will concentrate my time on things that won’t make me wallow in depression.

I’ve had it with working my ass off for piss.

BIG POWER (a poem in lirumlarum)

Ruumiit tippuu katolt’ alas,
sukeltaen sukeltavat
ihan kuin miekkavalaat

Lapset katsoo telkkarii,
löytää netist ystävii
ja syövät sateenkaaria

Olen syvään uneksinut
maailman kataluudesta.
En tiedä viisastunko vai en,
ken tietää tuollaisen.

Savimaja hikipaja
rahaa tulee aiva sama
huorataan kaikki nyt.

Sama tuoksu uusi hinta
lattiassa sama pinta
ihminen on verilettu.

Olen syvään uneksinut
kauneudesta kauneudesta.
En tiedä viisastunko vai en,
suutu ei mun ruusunen.

Kauppasissi, fatalisti,
transsi, farssi,
sikamies, mikä mies,
uusi lies’, tuhontie,
valkotakki, taskumatti,
krapula, satula,
maanantai, sunnuntai,
yö-työ sut syö,
olen pelkkä paimenkoira.

Olen syvään uneksinut,
vain sinusta.


This was originally written by me in Japanese, so I don’t give a damn if it’s only in Finnish. Use the tools given to you by our overlord. The translation it offers is exactly the way I want the world to read it. Go raibh maith agat!

August hides in a tinderbox somewhere,
because the girls of spring can’t be found,
so kindle your cinders
and kiss me goodnight, Lucinda!

July is a haven of unmistakable splendor,
I know all the pope’s ministers would agree,
so with your smile big and bright,
o kiss me goodnight, Lucinda!

June sways so gently in the arms of summer,
it’s golden like a fable when drunk on black label
and we danced to music, so soothing n’ amusing
now kiss me goodnight, Lucinda!

A year’s gone by maybe more this May,
the lips of the sun couldn’t compare to your stay,
there’s only one time when the flowers bloom right,
and now they’re somewhere with Lucinda!

All summers beget Lucinda!
All the world covets for Lucinda!
All my dreams are made of Lucinda!

Imagine being stuck in a cold and terrible place, but later realizing that the real estate agent really gave you a good deal for it.

A Poem of the Very Buoyant Russian Black Sea Fleet in Belbek

Tension at Belbek, the crisis of Crimea
There is talk of freedoms and sanctions
It’s all out there like a great big tidal wave
that is held together by a thin layer of glass
Reddit LIVE feed, Reuters –Bang bang
I turn my head to Google,
Death by Canadian Rye and images of Sandra Bullock,
Russian President Vladimir Putin is making a statement
Twelve hundred hours and thirty-five minute dregs
What is defiance? What is revolution?
And where is the change?
The Russian Black Sea Fleet floats around by Belbek
–Ukraine remains defiant