Poem: In Memory

This is a rehashed poem that I wrote a fairly long while back. It’s rather dear to me, but if any of you, dearest readers (or followers) wish to tear it a new one, please go ahead in the comment section below. It used to be on another website, which I won’t share to save embarrassment. The poem sort of feels like an estranged child. And now I present it here for you.

My eyes opened in front of a bleeping, 
flashing and distorted television screen, 
Not within meditation chambers, 
deep literary intellectualism, 
or compelling conversation between friends, or relatives. 
Brainless enlightenment filled with idiotic laughter, 
and a lunatic dance followed by 
charade after charade for your teasing, 
only to please a Carnal existentialist feeling. 
Sharing women while burning bridges, 
Rebuilding cobblestone city streets 
Together –sharing a contact between 
passionate eyes to Passionate eyes, 
but these eyes weren’t your’s or mine. 
A cry of misunderstood love, 
repression, and most of all 
the decadent desire of your lips 
calling in between the racing street cars of the city alleys. 
A cry 
left written within the annals of this cyber space, 
that my generation begins to call home, 
where frantic cybermancers and urban shamans 
will do what they may, prying it open, but you 
won’t be one of them. 
For you are beautiful and weak with dismembered joy, 
and childish tantrums, which are appeased 
by goodnight kisses given by hookers. 
if you were to fall at my door, I would take you in, 
into my arms and welcome you, despite 
the nuclear fallout colored winter that passed. 
I would embrace without the fear of death 
or torturous insanity.


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